Beautiful Oases Across The Globe

There are many beautiful oases in the world but some of them definitely deserve your attention. The vital power and the incredible atmosphere that they have are the first thing that you will acknowledge if you have a chance to visit them. So, check below some of the most beautiful and visited oases in the world and if you plan to travel to some of the countries where they are located then do your best to visit them even just for several hours.

Siwa Oasis in Egypt

The first piece of paradise and escape from the hot sun and thirst is Siwa Oasis. It is not far away from some of the popular Egyptian resorts and if you plan diving vacation in the country then you have to visit it for sure. This is the place where very long time ago the ancient prophets have predicted that Alexander the Great would conquer the whole of Egypt and the country will be under its authority. Even today, you can see there many preserved ancient temples and religious monuments. Now, thanks to the oasis, more than 20 000 people live in this remote area and do their best to reconstruct and take care for this amazing masterpiece of living history.

Ubari Oasis in Libya

This is a magical place that seems like just come out of a postcard. Nowadays, there is a small town there but unfortunately the water is contaminated and it won’t be really pleasant if you want to swim in the oasis. The exact location of Ubari Oasis is between Messak Settafet plateau and Idan Ubari lakes. The view which you will see is simply wonderful and the uniqueness and magic of the place will remain in your heart forever.

Herdubreydalindir in Iceland

The oasis with the difficult name is located in the desert on a plateau formed by lava in Odadahraun Mountain. Herdubreydalindir itself was formed under the influence of Trolladingzha volcano. Leaving aside the charm of the oasis, its fame is not very good because in the past it was a refuge for violent criminals who were expelled from their homelands because of the crimes that were committed. Nowadays, it is among the popular destinations in Iceland and many tourists manage to enjoy its beauty every year.

Turfan Oasis in China

Interesting fact is that there are not many oases in China because almost all of them already dried up. Fortunately, there is a magical place inside Turfan Mountain and you can be amaze from its incredible nature and romance. Even though it is in China, it is really preserved and untouched by human hand. So, if the Great Wall and the Forbidden Palace are something usual for you and can’t impress you, then Turfan Oasis will definitely leave you speechless.

Ein – Gedi in Israel

This is one of the most beautiful oases that exists in the whole world and the largest oasis on the west coast of the Dead Sea. It is remarkable that traces of human life from the Copper Age are found there. Nowadays, if you visit the oasis you can also visit in the nearby area many unique caves, picturesque waterfalls and beautiful botanical gardens.