Explore Gran Canaria’s Beaches This Year

Gran Canaria Island is located West of Africa and has dozens of beaches making it the second most popular Island of the Canary Islands .The island is also known as the miniature continent as different climates and varying landscapes that can be found here.

Gran Canaria attracts tourists of all generations from all over the world, and whether you are looking for quiet family time, a secluded honeymoon, a relaxing getaway or a lively holiday, you are guaranteed a fantastic time in Gran Canaria. To get the most of your holiday on the island, here is a guide on the best beaches in Gran Canaria this year.


Maspalomas beach

This is Gran Caria largest and most popular beach and it is ideal for group visits; the main attractions include the huge sand dunes and the calm waters. Maspalomos is found on the western edge of the Sahara and stretches up to 6 km, and hotels and resorts normally have a bus that will drop you right near the beachfront. If sunbathing nude on a sand dune interests you, Maspalomos beach also has a popular nudist section, in front of the highest dunes. Swimming is also safe here as there are lifeguard towers close by.

Montana De Arena

Montana De Arena beach

This beach is a hidden treasure at the bottom of a sand dune and although you may experience difficulties getting there, it is definitely worth it! The beach is popular among the locals but some may object to cameras as it is also a popular nudist spot. Montana de Arena has limited facilities when it comes to shops and cafés, so you may be required to bring in extra provisions for yourself, such as food or sun cream.


Amadores beach

Amadores beach is great for families, and it is also known as the ‘quiet beach’ where you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing lunch and dinners without any worry or rush. Therefore, if you’re trying to avoid “the kids” then Amdores is the spot for you and you can start your holiday by checking out www.cheapflights.co.uk/flights/Gran-Canaria-Island/.

Amadores was built from scratch 15 years ago to specifically cater for the growing tourist industry in and around Puerto Rico. The beach is about half a kilometer long, and the bay is shaped like a horseshoe. It also has a number of restaurants from where you can enjoy sun lounging, and if you also like top coastal views then this is the place to be! There is a cliff top path that goes all the way to Puerto Rico from the resort, and is a very romantic walk if you’re holidaying with your loved one.

Las Canteras

Las Canteras

This wonderful beach is located in the middle of the city of Las Palmas, and locals insist that it is one of the best urban beaches on the island! Las Palmas has a subtropical climate so it enjoys mild to warm temperatures throughout the year, meaning you can visit at any time. It is also known as the ‘changing beach’ as the same place usually appears visually different throughout the different days of the week. This beach is a large marine reserve too, with thousands of sea species making it perfect for snorkeling. Finally, there is a strip of volcanic rock that protects a large area of the beach from tides, enabling you to swim and walk when there is low tide.