Fernando de Noronha – Amazing Hidden Paradise

Fernando de Noronha is a delightful and romantic spot, located away from the noisy big cities and crowded streets. The remoteness and uniqueness of this paradise make it really attractive for all tourists who are in a search for memorable adventure among the nature. It seems like everything is frozen in order to keep this magnificent beauty eternal and unchanged by the time and people.

Fernando de Noronha is an uninhabited archipelago located far away from the coastline of Brazil, more than 300 km away. The archipelago consists 21 beautiful and unique islands, of which only one is inhabited by people. Therefore, all people who want to spend really wild and unforgettable vacation choose Fernando de Noronha.

We all know how beautiful and dynamic Copacabana is, but you just can’t expect to relax and reload your body with vital energy there, right?

If you are real nature lover, then the archipelago will grab your attention without much effort. The water around is unique and great for diving because it is very clear and clean and is home of incredible representatives of the underwater world. In the turquoise waters you can see huge number of colorful tropical fish, dolphins, starfishes, sharks and much more. Diving in the waters of Fernando de Noronha is an extraordinary adventure that only few people have the pleasure and happiness to experience the feeling.

There are many legends about the mystery of this place. The reason mainly lies in the fact that tourists just cannot visit it when they decide because there is a quota of visits. The government of Brazil has issued a ban and now there should not be more than 420 tourists at the same time. All this is done for the protection of the beautiful nature and uniqueness of the area.

The archipelago is considered as one of the most valuable and well preserved ecosystems in the world and even UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. This fact is enough for you to make your impression, just compare it with areas which you have already visited and liked.

The first person who discovered and described the beauty of Fernando de Noronha is Amerigo Vespucci in the early 16th century. These lands were part of Holland for a long time, but later they came under Brazilian rule. Nowadays, the local people don’t own acquisitions created by the modern world. They don’t even have TV and live in the little houses that look like just a barracks. They are not tempted by the luxury and richness of the contemporary world. For them, the greatest pleasure and comfort is the close relationship with Mother Nature.

If you want to reach the archipelago then you have to use a plane. The best time to go there is between October and February. During this time there are also many cruises that can help you to reach the amazing paradise called Fernando de Noronha.