Andaman Reef Villas

The Best of India’s Coral Reefs

The Andaman Sea Reefs in India are among the most varied in the world with a wide biodiversity of marine life. Within the reefs you can come face to face with crocodiles, turtles and even manatees living in the surrounding area. Two of the reef areas have Marine National Park status, providing protection for the wildlife living in the area. The exotic variety of sea life makes the area ideal for divers unafraid to swim alongside some of the larger creatures! Two of the best sites for divers are Cinque Island and Corbyn’s Beach that both boast fantastic luxury villa accommodation to make a holiday in India even more extraordinary.

The fantastic Andaman Princess Resort is set close to the beach within walking distance of some of the best diving sites in India. There are 16 individual villas and 4 beach front villas that are ideal for anyone looking for something extra special from their break. The villas all have their own private outdoor area that overlooks the Andaman Sea; there is also a large living area, spacious bathroom and even a Jacuzzi. Each villa is decorated in a contemporary style with furniture crafted out of local material. The Princess resort promotes relaxed luxury in a spectacular setting, if you are looking for something different from a reef holiday the Andaman Sea is definitely the best choice.