Explore Gran Canaria’s Beaches This Year

Gran Canaria Island is located West of Africa and has dozens of beaches making it the second most popular Island of the Canary Islands .The island is also known as the miniature continent as different climates and varying landscapes that can be found here.

Gran Canaria attracts tourists of all generations from all over the world, and whether you are looking for quiet family time, a secluded honeymoon, a relaxing getaway or a lively holiday, you are guaranteed a fantastic time in Gran Canaria. To get the most of your holiday on the island, here is a guide on the best beaches in Gran Canaria this year.


Maspalomas beach

This is Gran Caria largest and most popular beach and it is ideal for group visits; the main attractions include the huge sand dunes and the calm waters. Maspalomos is found on the western edge of the Sahara and stretches up to 6 km, and hotels and resorts normally have a bus that will drop you right near the beachfront. If sunbathing nude on a sand dune interests you, Maspalomos beach also has a popular nudist section, in front of the highest dunes. Swimming is also safe here as there are lifeguard towers close by.

Montana De Arena

Montana De Arena beach

This beach is a hidden treasure at the bottom of a sand dune and although you may experience difficulties getting there, it is definitely worth it! The beach is popular among the locals but some may object to cameras as it is also a popular nudist spot. Montana de Arena has limited facilities when it comes to shops and cafés, so you may be required to bring in extra provisions for yourself, such as food or sun cream.


Amadores beach

Amadores beach is great for families, and it is also known as the ‘quiet beach’ where you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing lunch and dinners without any worry or rush. Therefore, if you’re trying to avoid “the kids” then Amdores is the spot for you and you can start your holiday by checking out www.cheapflights.co.uk/flights/Gran-Canaria-Island/.

Amadores was built from scratch 15 years ago to specifically cater for the growing tourist industry in and around Puerto Rico. The beach is about half a kilometer long, and the bay is shaped like a horseshoe. It also has a number of restaurants from where you can enjoy sun lounging, and if you also like top coastal views then this is the place to be! There is a cliff top path that goes all the way to Puerto Rico from the resort, and is a very romantic walk if you’re holidaying with your loved one.

Las Canteras

Las Canteras

This wonderful beach is located in the middle of the city of Las Palmas, and locals insist that it is one of the best urban beaches on the island! Las Palmas has a subtropical climate so it enjoys mild to warm temperatures throughout the year, meaning you can visit at any time. It is also known as the ‘changing beach’ as the same place usually appears visually different throughout the different days of the week. This beach is a large marine reserve too, with thousands of sea species making it perfect for snorkeling. Finally, there is a strip of volcanic rock that protects a large area of the beach from tides, enabling you to swim and walk when there is low tide.

Explore the World’s Best Reefs in Style!

Coral reefs are one of nature’s most spectacular natural attractions, many people base their holidays on exploring the stunning wildlife and colourful coral formations that are ideal for diving and discovering. If you are planning on visiting one of the many coral reef locations around the world there are plenty of fantastic villas for you to choose from many just a stone’s throw away from the best reefs in the world.

Make sure that you get the most out of your coral reef adventure and add a touch of luxury to your stay with fantastic villa accommodation. Whether you are looking to get away with the family or enjoy a romantic break for two, you can find the perfect place to relax and unwind whilst uncovering the beauty of reefs around the world.

Take a look at our guide to the world’s most popular coral reef destinations, with so much on offer you are guaranteed to find the right one to suit your holiday needs!

Fernando de Noronha – Amazing Hidden Paradise

Fernando de Noronha is a delightful and romantic spot, located away from the noisy big cities and crowded streets. The remoteness and uniqueness of this paradise make it really attractive for all tourists who are in a search for memorable adventure among the nature. It seems like everything is frozen in order to keep this magnificent beauty eternal and unchanged by the time and people.

Fernando de Noronha is an uninhabited archipelago located far away from the coastline of Brazil, more than 300 km away. The archipelago consists 21 beautiful and unique islands, of which only one is inhabited by people. Therefore, all people who want to spend really wild and unforgettable vacation choose Fernando de Noronha.

We all know how beautiful and dynamic Copacabana is, but you just can’t expect to relax and reload your body with vital energy there, right?

If you are real nature lover, then the archipelago will grab your attention without much effort. The water around is unique and great for diving because it is very clear and clean and is home of incredible representatives of the underwater world. In the turquoise waters you can see huge number of colorful tropical fish, dolphins, starfishes, sharks and much more. Diving in the waters of Fernando de Noronha is an extraordinary adventure that only few people have the pleasure and happiness to experience the feeling.

There are many legends about the mystery of this place. The reason mainly lies in the fact that tourists just cannot visit it when they decide because there is a quota of visits. The government of Brazil has issued a ban and now there should not be more than 420 tourists at the same time. All this is done for the protection of the beautiful nature and uniqueness of the area.

The archipelago is considered as one of the most valuable and well preserved ecosystems in the world and even UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. This fact is enough for you to make your impression, just compare it with areas which you have already visited and liked.

The first person who discovered and described the beauty of Fernando de Noronha is Amerigo Vespucci in the early 16th century. These lands were part of Holland for a long time, but later they came under Brazilian rule. Nowadays, the local people don’t own acquisitions created by the modern world. They don’t even have TV and live in the little houses that look like just a barracks. They are not tempted by the luxury and richness of the contemporary world. For them, the greatest pleasure and comfort is the close relationship with Mother Nature.

If you want to reach the archipelago then you have to use a plane. The best time to go there is between October and February. During this time there are also many cruises that can help you to reach the amazing paradise called Fernando de Noronha.

Andaman Reef Villas

The Best of India’s Coral Reefs

The Andaman Sea Reefs in India are among the most varied in the world with a wide biodiversity of marine life. Within the reefs you can come face to face with crocodiles, turtles and even manatees living in the surrounding area. Two of the reef areas have Marine National Park status, providing protection for the wildlife living in the area. The exotic variety of sea life makes the area ideal for divers unafraid to swim alongside some of the larger creatures! Two of the best sites for divers are Cinque Island and Corbyn’s Beach that both boast fantastic luxury villa accommodation to make a holiday in India even more extraordinary.

The fantastic Andaman Princess Resort is set close to the beach within walking distance of some of the best diving sites in India. There are 16 individual villas and 4 beach front villas that are ideal for anyone looking for something extra special from their break. The villas all have their own private outdoor area that overlooks the Andaman Sea; there is also a large living area, spacious bathroom and even a Jacuzzi. Each villa is decorated in a contemporary style with furniture crafted out of local material. The Princess resort promotes relaxed luxury in a spectacular setting, if you are looking for something different from a reef holiday the Andaman Sea is definitely the best choice.

Beautiful Oases Across The Globe

There are many beautiful oases in the world but some of them definitely deserve your attention. The vital power and the incredible atmosphere that they have are the first thing that you will acknowledge if you have a chance to visit them. So, check below some of the most beautiful and visited oases in the world and if you plan to travel to some of the countries where they are located then do your best to visit them even just for several hours.

Siwa Oasis in Egypt

The first piece of paradise and escape from the hot sun and thirst is Siwa Oasis. It is not far away from some of the popular Egyptian resorts and if you plan diving vacation in the country then you have to visit it for sure. This is the place where very long time ago the ancient prophets have predicted that Alexander the Great would conquer the whole of Egypt and the country will be under its authority. Even today, you can see there many preserved ancient temples and religious monuments. Now, thanks to the oasis, more than 20 000 people live in this remote area and do their best to reconstruct and take care for this amazing masterpiece of living history.

Ubari Oasis in Libya

This is a magical place that seems like just come out of a postcard. Nowadays, there is a small town there but unfortunately the water is contaminated and it won’t be really pleasant if you want to swim in the oasis. The exact location of Ubari Oasis is between Messak Settafet plateau and Idan Ubari lakes. The view which you will see is simply wonderful and the uniqueness and magic of the place will remain in your heart forever.

Herdubreydalindir in Iceland

The oasis with the difficult name is located in the desert on a plateau formed by lava in Odadahraun Mountain. Herdubreydalindir itself was formed under the influence of Trolladingzha volcano. Leaving aside the charm of the oasis, its fame is not very good because in the past it was a refuge for violent criminals who were expelled from their homelands because of the crimes that were committed. Nowadays, it is among the popular destinations in Iceland and many tourists manage to enjoy its beauty every year.

Turfan Oasis in China

Interesting fact is that there are not many oases in China because almost all of them already dried up. Fortunately, there is a magical place inside Turfan Mountain and you can be amaze from its incredible nature and romance. Even though it is in China, it is really preserved and untouched by human hand. So, if the Great Wall and the Forbidden Palace are something usual for you and can’t impress you, then Turfan Oasis will definitely leave you speechless.

Ein – Gedi in Israel

This is one of the most beautiful oases that exists in the whole world and the largest oasis on the west coast of the Dead Sea. It is remarkable that traces of human life from the Copper Age are found there. Nowadays, if you visit the oasis you can also visit in the nearby area many unique caves, picturesque waterfalls and beautiful botanical gardens.